We offer a wide range of cat trees and cat scratchers to suit all Kitties. All of our standard products are displayed via the three links above.

Free-standing Klimbers

Each Klimber features a square, heavy base to ensure it remains stable whilst Kitty is at the top & when jumping down. Each is suitable for use on any level, firm surface including lawn, paving and gravel and is sturdy enough for multiple users at the same time.

Our Klimbers feature a number of platforms fitted around a central pillar with a large, lounging platform at the top.

Wall Klimbers

Offered for where space is at a premium our wall Klimbers are made to the same specification as the free standing versions but are arranged to leave one side to stand flush against a wall or fence. It is not necessary to fix the Klimber to the wall but you can do this if you prefer.

Cat Scratchers

We have three standard cat scratcher designs, all featuring manila rope for your Kitty to enjoy when sharpening their claws.

Custom Klimbers 

We offer a custom service to ensure that your Klimber is perfect for your needs. We have adapted cat trees for blind, nervous and older kitties, so if you require a larger base, an extra platform or a different height, just let us know! Our prices are all based upon materials and labour, and we are confident you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost!!

Manila Rope

Manila rope can be added in 100mm sections to any of our Klimbers to provide your Kitty with an outdoor scratching post as well as a Klimber.