Standing at 3’6″ (106cm), the Cody is our entry level cat tree.

Made with sawn and sanded timber, Cody is excellent for cat enclosures.

Two steps access a large lounging platform at the top for your kitty to enjoy surveying their own garden or enclosure away from other kitties.

Standard Klimber – £115.00:

Wall Klimber –  £115.00:


Freddie stands at 5’6″ (169cm) and is our mid-height wall cat tree made from sawn and sanded timber.

Featuring 3 steps and a larger, top lounging platform, the Freddie is arranged with all steps fixed to leave one side clear for placing against a wall.

Finished height may be adjusted by 6″ either way without affecting the total price.

Wall Klimber – £140.00:  


Standing at 5’6″ (170cm), the Bertie is one of our mid height cat trees.

Bertie is made from sawn and sanded timber and features two low, small steps, a larger third step and even larger lounging platform at the top.

Sitting 6″ below a tall fence line, Kitty can sit up or stand to watch over their own and the surrounding gardens. If they prefer to lie down to be concealed from view, they can look out over their own garden. This Klimber will give your less athletic and less confident Kitties a new lease of life, finally enabling them to see what lies beyond their garden fence.

Also, standing just below the fence line, it provides Kitty with a much gentler route down to the ground.

Standard Klimber – £165.00:

Manila Rope

Manila rope can be added to all of our Klimbers to provide your Kitty with an outdoor scratching post as well as a Klimber.

You can add Manila in sections of 100mm and we will fit the rope to the lowest available sections of the centre beam. If you would like the rope elsewhere on your Klimber please send us an email or add a comment at the time you place your order.

The photos here show a double 200mm section.

100mm Manila Rope – £10.00: