Scratching Posts!

Benjamin Graham

Ben Graham 2

Benjamin Graham comes in three heights, all featuring twin scratching posts and varying numbers of steps up to a large lounging platform. Crafted from planed timber and decking for a really superior finish.

Benjamin Graham 4ft – £250.00:

Benjamin Graham 5ft – £300.00:

Benjamin Graham 6ft – £350.00:



Our most impressive scratching post, the Imperial stands 4’6″ (154cm) tall and offers multiple scratching posts and the largest lounging platform of our range.

Made with top grade decking and planed timber, this scratching post is aimed at multi-cat households and larger breeds. Three sections of manila rope are applied to the central pillars.

The large lounging platform is accessed via 3 offset steps, which give easy access and provide lower level lounging points. The two posts on our Imperial are set centrally to the large base platform measuring c. 4’3″ x 2’6″.

Imperial 4’6″ – £395.00: