At 3’6″ (106cm), the Ruby  is our shortest, premier quality cat tree.

Ruby is excellent for cat enclosures. Based upon our Cody model, we use planed timber and top quality decking to produce a premium product. Added edging features on each level for that finishing touch.

Two steps access a large lounging platform at the top for your kitty to enjoy surveying their own garden or enclosure away from other kitties.

Standard Klimber – £159.00:

Wall Klimber – £149.00:


New to the range for 2022.

Every kitty in the world adores a doze. A-DORA-Dozer is every kitty’s dream.

Freestanding or wall-hugging format at a comfortable 80cm in height (adjustable to suit requirements). Easy access for your kitty with an intermediate level step to the secure wrap-around dozing platform. The platform accommodates a 47cm square cushion, available elsewhere.

Standard Dozer – £195.00:

Wall-hugging Dozer – £185.00:



Samuel stands at 5’0″ (153cm) and is our premium, mid-height, wall Klimber made from decking and planed timbers. Samuel features two smaller platforms and two large, upper, lounging platforms with a smooth finish.

Wall Klimber – £179.00:


Poppy stands at 5’0″ (153cm), and is another of our mid height cat trees.

Our mid-height Klimbers are great all-rounders, suitable for many enclosures but also fitting into a garden for outdoor cats. Poppy sits just short of a tall fence, allowing Kitties to peer over the fence and monitor their patch!

Standard Klimber – £219.00:

Super Poppy

A deluxe edition of our Poppy Klimber featuring a larger third platform and a HUGE top level with a double weight base for stability.

Our Super Poppy is ideal for larger felines who prefer a good stretch in the fresh air!

Super Poppy – £299.00:




At 4’6″ tall, with a huge top platform bridging two pillars on a substantial base.  The Imperial offers a luxurious, elevated, lounging surface for multiple kitty households.

Available with or without manila rope.

Standard Imperial – £399.00:

Scratching Post Imperial – £459.00:


Standing 5’0″ tall, the Finley features a 6ft bridge across two wall-hugging Klimbing frames. With intermediate bridge and twin access steps at either end. Rope may be added as required between steps 1 and 2 on each pillar.

Length can be adjusted to fit (6ft maximum due to carriage restrictions).

Standard Finley – £545.00:


Our ultimate Klimber – the Majestic stands proudly at 6 ft tall, and boasts a triple pillar format providing maximum lounging space with multiple access points.

The Majestic is an ideal play frame for multiple kitties to chase each other for hours of fun.

Freestanding island format, the Majestic has a huge, heavy base to guarantee stability when in use.

Majestic – £845.00:

Manila Rope

Manila rope can be added to all of our Klimbers to provide your Kitty with an outdoor scratching post as well as a Klimber.

You can add Manila in sections of 100mm and we will fit the rope to the lowest available sections of the centre beam. If you would like the rope elsewhere on your Klimber please send us an email or add a comment at the time you place your order.

The photos here show a double 200mm section.

100mm Manila Rope – £10.00: